Antwerp Warehouse Sale Continues

We are moving warehouses from Antwerp to Vollers in Hamburg. There are so many reasons why this is a great thing, not least that we’re having a clearance sale! That means you can pick up some exceptional coffees for bargain prices.

Take a look at our full price list, or check out these offers:

Álvaro Rodríguez, Colombia


Álvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez is 66-years old and has been a coffee farmer his whole life. Although his passion is coffee, Alvaro also owns a dump truck and works as a truck driver, transporting construction materials. It is Don Alvaro’s meticulous attention to his coffee plants that keeps our partnership with him thriving year-after-year. Alvaro is one of the most fastidious farmers in LP&ET’s Neighbors&Crops program when it comes to coffee fertilization and harvesting.

His washed coffee scores 87 and features red apples, plums and a full body.

Álvaro Rodriguez, Finca Los Naranjos, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Score: 87
Normal Price: $18,47/kg
Now: $17,97/kg  or $17,47/kg for a full pallet.

Duromina, Ethiopia


Duromina Cooperative, Ethiopia.

Left to right: Teka, Mohammad and Abdul Assiz, site managers of the Duromina Cooperative, near the city of Agaro, Jimma zone, Ethiopia. Their 86.5 coffee expresses blueberry, slight lime notes with a chocolatey medium body.

Duromina cooperative, Ethiopia
Limu Heirlooms
Score: 86.5
Normal Price: $11,62/kg
$11,12/kg  or $10,62/kg for a full pallet.

Mithuti AA, Kenya

Factory manager Daniel Kamau works in the Kiaragana Coffee Factory, located in Kirinyaga County, Mukure zone of Ndia Division near Kerugoya town. It was established in 1979 and rests on 7 acres of land serving Kiaragana, Nguguini, Karuku and Gathuthi Villages. Currently it is affiliated to Mwirua Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd.

This washed mix of SL 28 and SL 34  features earl grey, bergamot, nougat and a prune finish.

Mithuti AA, Kenya
SL 28/34
Score: 86.5
Normal Price: $13,29/kg
$12,79/kg  or $12,29/kg for a full pallet.

These great offers can’t last. Don’t miss out. Contact to order your samples.


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