Acevedo Cup: Recap


Acevedo Cup: awards ceremony attendees

The inaugural Acevedo Cup was one of the most inspired/inspiring events CCS was a part of in 2016. What a motivating way to finish off the year. It’s difficult to imagine just how much preparatory work the Fairfield team had done in advance of the competition but the resulting four days we spent cupping, discussing, scoring and ranking the top 20 lots were an absolute pleasure.

Those of you who’ve cupped at origin know how arduous full cupping days can be, so the fact our group of judges enjoyed cupping and re-cupping these coffees says everything about the standards to which the Fairfield team operates.

This competition was a great way to start our work in the Acevedo municipality of Huila. It gave us the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cup profiles available within this community, while the closing ceremonies, in turn, gave the community the opportunity to learn about CCS’ and Fairfield’s work and ambitions for working in and around Acevedo.

Between 20-30 families came to the closing ceremonies and while many of them weren’t “winners” in the sense of having submitted top-20 coffees, it was fascinating to speak with several of the families afterward and learn about their perceptions not only about the competition, but about how they view working with Fairfield and us in the long-term. Some well-established community leaders were in attendance and they had already decided to organize meetings amongst Acevedo Cup winners and their neighbours to first discuss the winners’ protocol and strategies for the winning lots, and then determine how and what strategies neighbouring farms could implement to improve their own production.


2nd place winner: Fernando Bustos

Field Notes 

Day 1

Calibration round + two competition tables. Screened 29 coffees down to 12 which will move on to the next round.

Learned about the National Learning Service (SENA), a government initiative that provides workers, adults and youths with technical training within the areas of industry, trade, agriculture, mining and cattle breeding. Some of volunteers helping with the Acevedo Cup are students of SENA and are currently undergoing training to become professional baristas, cuppers and roasters.

Day 2

Screened 29 coffees down to 12. Day 3 is the cupping of the top-24 coffees from Days 1 & 2.

First introduced to the winning coffee which I described as one of the best coffees I cupped all year. I gave it a score of 93 points with the following aroma/flavour descriptions: a floral, lemony, jasmine, and bergamot aroma. Cup is complex, juicy, well-structured, citrusy, clean, with a red currant finish. This coffee has all the elegance of great washed Ethiopian coffees, while also maintaining a Kenyan-like acidity.

Day 3

Top-24 coffees screened down to top-20. Ranks 11-20 determined today; top-10 will be cupped and ranked on Day 4.

Visited Los Angeles farm, owned by Maria Bercelia and her partner, Jose Erazo. We purchased coffee from them for our first ever shipment from Acevedo and are pretty certain at least one of their coffees will be amongst the winning coffees.

Day 4

Final round/table of top-10 coffees.

Winners, lot sizes (per 70kg bags) and varieties are as follows:

#10: Jhon Wilson Poveda, 11 bags, Colombia & Caturra

#9: María Bercelia, 15 bags, Colombia & Caturra

#8: Otoniel Morales, 7 bags, Castillo

#7: Nicolas Delgado, 18 bags, Colombia & Castillo

#6: Ciro Lugo, 12 bags, Colombia

#5: Elizabeth Abaunza, 5 bags, Caturra

#4: Ciro Lugo, 12 bags, Colombia

#3: Alexander Ordoñez, 12 bags, Colombia & Tabi

#2: Fernando Bustos, 18 bags, Colombia

#1: Jesucita Cuellar, 5 bags, Tabi

Jesucita is a new grower to Fairfield and the Fairfield cupping team hypothesized that this coffee would win the competition during their screening of all the coffees submitted for competition. Must learn more about the Tabi variety!


The Top-20

Rank Producer Hamlet Cup Score Cupping Notes
20 María Bercelia La Marimba 86.25 Nougat, cocoa, black currant, citrus. Apricot in the cup, medium+ sweetness, medium acidity. Transparent cup, very elegant.
19 Jhonathan Edinson Cuellar El Silencio 86.25 Cooked stone fruit on the dry and wet smell. Ginger and stone fruit in the cup. Vibrant and unique.
18 Oscar Ferney Cruz


Los Angeles 86.5 Cocoa, slight cooked fruit character on the fragrance and in the cup as well. Very balanced.
17 Alexander Ordoñez Bateas


86.5 Elegant, milk chocolate, slightly floral. Nice juicy acidity. Medium to medium+ sweetness, medium acidity. Clean cup. Very nice, silky body – delicate, but elegant.
16 Leonte Polania


La Estrella


86.5 Caramel, stone fruit. Balanced cup with nougat and cooked stone fruit in the cup.
15 Julian Castro Nuevo Horizonte 86.5 Cocoa, toasted nuts, fruited qualities on wet smell. Balanced cocoa in the cup with a fruited (red fruit) base.
14 Henry Garcia Nuevo Horizonte 86.75 Caramel, fig, slight cooked fruit character on the fragrance and aroma. Cooked fruit in the cup with a black tea base. Very transparent cup.
13 Leonte Polania La Estrella 86.75 Red fruit and star fruit on the wet smell. Yellow/tropical fruits in the cup. Vibrant, clean, medium to medium+ sweetness, medium+ acidity.
12 Luz Marina Sanchez La Victoria 86.75 Caramel, raspberry, toasted almonds, wafer cookie. Balanced, clean, medium to medium+ sweetness, medium refreshing acidity.
11 Wilmer Cuellar La Estrella 87.00 Black tea, some red fruit qualities on the dry smell. Caramel, cooked plum in the cup, even a slight jasmine quality. Very transparent cup.
10 Jhon Wilson Poveda La Marimba 87.00 Caramel, fruited qualities on the dry smell (Acevedo characteristics: cooked dark berries). Clean, medium to medium+ sweetness, medium red fruit acidity. Slight pine resin as it cooled, very pretty.
9 Maria Bercelia Los Angeles 87.00 Black currant, nougat, caramel, baking spice. Elegant, clean, saturated sweetness.
8 Otoniel Morales Marticas 87.00 Kiwi, red fruit, tropical, vibrant. Medium to medium+ sweetness, medium+ acidity.
7 Nicolas Delgado Alto Encanto 87.00 Black tea, caramel, fresh berries, citrus. Balanced, clean. Medium to medium+ sweetness, medium acidity. Very nice, transparent cup.
6 Ciro Lugo La Marimba 87.00 Stone fruit, some bergamot and caramel on the dry smell. Cooked stone fruit and baking spices on the wet smell and in the cup as well.
5 Elizabeth Abaunza Nuevo Horizonte 87.25 Caramel, blackberry, black currant, plush dry smell. Cooked fruit and caramel in the cup. Medium to medium+ sweetness and acidity. Lots of clarity in the cup.
4 Ciro Lugo La Marimba 87.25 Wafer cookie, peach, fresh fruits, caramel. Strong cooked fruit character in the cup. Medium to medium+ sweetness and acidity. Balanced and very clean.
3 Alexander Ordoñez El Mirador 87.25 Cooked berries, stone fruit and cinnamon on the dry smell. Red fruit on wet smell. Excellent sweetness, fresh red fruit acidity in the cup.
2 Fernando Bustos Bolivar 87.50 Cooked stone fruit and berries on dry smell, nougat, wafer cookie, some toasted almonds. Very clean cup with cooked fruits and brown sugar dominating.
1 Jesucita Cuellar San Jose Llanitos 89.75 Nougat, blackberry. Kenyan-esque cup. Saturated sweetness, integrated black currant and blackberry acidity. Stunning.

4th & 6th place winner: Ciro Lugo

Final Notes

A big thank you to our three roaster judges:

Ria Neri, Four Letter Word, Chicago, IL

Tali Robbins, Barismo, Cambridge, MA

Dillon Edwards, Parlor Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

The remainder of the judging panel were Ana Beatriz Bahamon, Eduardo Urquina Sanchez, Esnaider Ortega & Alejandro Renjifo, all of Fairfield Trading; along with David Stallings & myself, who represented CCS.

These coffees will land at both our Newark and Antwerp warehouses in February. Please get in touch with David (North America) and Alex (EU & Asia) if you’re interested.

Until next time,


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