The Acevedo Cup


The Erazo Martinez family of Los Angeles farm, Acevdeo, Huila, Colombia. We may see coffees from them during the Acevedo Cup


Acevedo x Fairfield & CCS

Partly in celebration of our new partnership with Fairfield Trading and mostly in celebration of the fantastic work of the ambitious and skilled coffee producers in the Acevedo microregion of Huila, Colombia, we’re excited and proud to announce the Acevedo Cup competition!
What it is

A regional coffee quality competition. The Fairfield team has put out a call to Acevedo coffee farmers for submissions of their best coffees. They will spend the next weeks busily collecting, organizing and cupping/screening samples in preparation for the main event: a ranking of the top-20 coffees that we are now inviting you to take part in.

Who this is open to and How you can join 
Participation is open to CCS clients and will be determined on a first-come-first served basis. We will take the first six roasters who confirm their attendance.

To confirm your attendance, email either Melanie (for European and Asian attendees) or David (for North American attendees).

You will get yourselves to Bogota and we’ll take things from there.

When: 16-21 December 2016 

You’ll arrive in Bogotá no later than the 15th of December and we’ll all depart for Pitalito on the 16th of December.

The program in brief:

17 & 18 December: Preliminary Rounds 1 & 2

19 December: Top 20 cupping & ranking

20 December: Visits to top 3 farms and celebration party

21 December: Morning hike and travel back to Bogotá


About the collaborative

We are coffee professionals committed to facilitating a transparent, equitable and quality-focused coffee buying community.

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