Farmer Profile: Jhon Leguizamon


Name: Tolima
Location: La Veta, Colombia
Region: San Juan de La China
Altitude(masl): 1800-2000
Average Annual Rainfall(mm): 940
Process: Washed
Drying Method: Sun
Harvest Season: May- July
Variety: Mixed, Castillo, Caturra


Before 1999, La Esperanza was run by his mother where she planted beans and green peas. However, she was recommended by the Coffee Committee that she should switch to coffee. Today, Jhon and his wife Ana Rosa are responsible for the farm and the crop and have been producing coffee for the past 15 years.

The type of “beneficio” used for his coffee is humid, meaning the water used comes from their own aqueduct. Within the farm, a water creek is born and that ́s where the water for irrigation and processing comes from. There are also intercrops of bananas, beans, corn and plantains.

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