London Cupping, May 18 – the lineup

Hello London Coffee! Hope you’re ready and excited to cup some fantastic coffee today. Here is the lineup, organized by origin, varietal, then process.

Table #1
Highlights from Central America

COSTA RICA, various mills & regions
Helsar de Zarcero mill, Arce, Caturra, washed
Herbazu mill, Villa Sarchi, washed
Herbazu mill, Caturra, red honey

GUATEMALA, Buena Vista mill, Antigua region
Hunapu, lot #1, blend Bourbon, washed
Hunapu, lot #3, blend Bourbon, washed
Felicidad farm, Bourbon, washed
Potrero farm, Caturra, washed

HONDURAS, San Vicente mill, Santa Barbara region
Juan Pablo Cruz, prod. Pacas, washed
Castellanos, prod. Pacas, washed
Nelson Ramirez, prod. Yellow Catuaí, washed
Mario Moreno, prod. Pacas, washed
Miguel Moreno, prod. Pacas, washed
Amado Fernandez, prod. Yellow Catuaí, washed

Table #2
Best of…
Best of Panama 2012

PANAMA, various producers/mills, Chiriqí region
Duncan Organic farm, Caturra, washed (BoP #1)
Don Julian farm, Pacamara, washed (BoP #2)
Elida farm, Catuaí, washed (BoP #4)
Elida farm, Catuaí, honey (BoP #5)

Los Cantares farm, Geisha, washed (BoP #1)
La Milagrosa farm, Geisha, washed (BoP #2)
Rojas farm, Geisha, washed (BoP #3)

Don K farm, Geisha, natural (BoP #1)
Mama Cata farm, Geisha, natural (BoP #2)
Casa Ruiz farm, Baby Geisha, natural (BoP #3)

Table #3
Highlights of natural processed coffees from El Salvador

El Salvador, various mills & regions
Presented by Graciano Cruz, HiU

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