Friends, we are working on specific pages for each region. Within these pages, look for a breakdown on what we mean by “traceability”. It’s not only about varietals, soil and microclimate. It’s also about who is doing what. Who are the cherry producers? Who is processing the coffee? Who is exporting it?

For now, here is some general information on the regions we are expecting shipments from. Contact melanie@collaborativecoffeesource.com with inquiries.


–  two containers from two different regions will ship this month (February)


– first shipment arrives first week in March. This container is sold out but we are in the process of putting together a second container with coffee from a later harvest, starting April.

 Costa Rica

–  shipment in early April

–  cuppings of samples in late February – early March


– shipment in April

– cuppings of samples in February – early March

 El Salvador

–  shipment in March

–  cuppings of samples in February – early March


– shipment in April

– cuppings of samples in March – early April

– delayed harvests


– shipments in February and May

– cuppings of samples in February – early March


–  Robert will be in Ethiopia this month. News from this region to follow.

About melanieleeson

A master student at the University of Oslo in Norway, studying the wellbeing of farmers participating in direct trade coffee. Contributor to the Collaborative (communicator/writer of things, making coffee for the guys at KAFFA). Formerly a barista in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Interested in environmental sustainability, social justice, and how the specialty coffee industry can positively influence the lives of coffee farmers through a transparent and thoughtful business model.
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